2.4Ghz Clover Leaf Antenna

2.4Ghz Clover Leaf Antenna

This Cloverleaf antenna is a circularly-polarized omni antenna which is tuned for the 2.4Ghz. It is not only an excellent aerial antenna for an FPV plane's AV transmitter but also works very well for Wifi. 

Circular polarization rejects multi-pathing which means better signal and greater range.

Note that if you use this cloverleaf for 2.4ghz transmission, a linear-polarized antenna on your receiving end would work too but at gain-loss of 3dbi.

For best results, match this cloverleaf with an RHCP antenna such as a 2.4Ghz helical on your receiver.
  • Details

    Type - Omni-Directional
    Polarization - Right Hand Circular
    Gain - 1.3 DBi
    SWR - < 2.0
    Middle Frequency - 2450mhz