Braitenberg Antenna Tracker for FPV (In Stock)

Braitenberg Antenna Tracker for FPV (In Stock)

The Braitenberg Antenna Tracker is a true RSSI-based Antenna Tracker that tracks your FPV aircraft based on signal strength. Unlike the EZtracker or the EagleEyes GroundStation, where you need to buy their GPS module, OSD(on-screen display)and Data Logger so that your aircraft can send the coordinates to the tracker for it to work, the beauty of this tracker is, you don't need to spend a lot of money and worry about losing your aircraft that carries all that expensive components on-board. This tracker is a must-have for the ultra-micro FPV aircraft where every gram counts and there's no room to carry the extra baggage.
  • Details

    Power Consumption - 12V DC/ 3S Lipo(800mah-1500mah)
    Compatible with common AV Receivers (Lawmate, Foxtech, Comtech)

    Required Components
    1. Analog Servo

    - modified to turn 360 degrees by removing the stopper stub and the potentiometer. The middle pin of the potentiometer will connect to the servo-positioning wire from the Tracker. Ready-modified Servo is available in our Accessories section

    2. Two AV Receivers with Directional Antennae

    - 1 Left Receiver and 1 Right receiver with their antennae positioned 90degrees from each other, are required for picking up the video signal. Their RSSIs are fed to the Braitenberg Tracker to track the signal's source.

    3. Simple Turn-table

    The Turntable is made of 2 planks of wooden-board or hard cardboard. One plank is used as the Base(cut to Square) and the other is used as the Table-Top (cut to Circle). A hole is drilled in the middle of the Table-Top and a nail/screw is used to secure it to the middle of the Base, acting as a pivot which allows the Table-Top to turn/ spin freely.
    A spacer(tube) should be used for the Pivot-Support which provides clearance from the Base to the Table-Top for the 3 rubber wheels that are installed underneath the Table-Top, near its circumference.

    One of the 3 wheels is driven by the Analog Servo.
    Basically, this wheel does not require the wheel stand/ bracket as it is fixed to the Servo's horn. The Servo is hot-glued to the bottom side of the Table-Top such that the wheel is well-aligned to be able to move the Turntable smoothly.

    With the video transmitter 3m away and positioned between the 2 receivers' lines of sight, turn the 2 blue pots until the servo would change direction accordingly when the transmitter is moved from the middle position.

    And that's it! Now you have a Turntable that follows your aircraft. Just place your video-feed receiver on the Turntable and let it point the antenna for you!