Wheels Assembly Set (for Tracker's Turntable)

Wheels Assembly Set (for Tracker's Turntable)

Complete Wheels Assembly Set for your DIY Turntable (for the Braitenberg Antenna Tracker).

Works well for light-weight Turntable for 5.8ghz/ 2.4ghz setups.
Not suitable for 1.2ghz/ 900mhz setups with bulky & heavy antennae sitting on the Turntable.
  • Details

    You get:

    - Two Wheels with accompanying Wheel Supports, bushings and screws

    - One Wheel with 3 screws for attaching Servo Horn to it
    (this wheel is driven by the Analog Servo that is controlled by the Braitenberg Antenna Tracker)

    - One Spare Wheel

    A White marker and a Drill-bit to mark and make the center holes for the wheels

    A Philips Screw Driver for turning the screws during assembly